Sunday, November 6, 2011


Lehigh Valley Friends Meeting held a movie night on Saturday, the 5th.  We watched Invictus.  It's a sports/political film about the South African rugby team and Nelson Mandela.  It was riveting. 

Only a man with the imagination of Mandela could see how important a sports team is to a nation, especially a nation who has been banned from international competition because of the country's policy of apartheid.

In the audience last night was a young woman who grew up in South Africa.  Mandela became president three days before her 16th birthday.  She said that the country pulls together to support their sports teams, dancing in the streets, cheering and mingling as if race and color did not matter.  Then, everything returns to normal.  Sigh.  But even that weeks long camaraderie is a huge step in the right direction.
So, friends and Friends, hold South Africa in the Light, that the way to reconciliation continues, one sports event at a time.

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