Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Today's horoscope told me that I could just get the job done OR I could put in the extra effort to make a resounding and lasting success.

Forgive me.  Some days, I just want to get the job done.

I have noticed that if I get up and move - do some stretches, take a walk - my mood and productivity lifts.  I didn't do that this morning.  And since my oatmeal is waiting as I type, I will put it off until after my second cup of coffee.

Today, I take Stories in the Schools for the Parkland Community Library to the new Fred J. Jaindl Elementary School, named after the late patriarch of the Jaindl Turkey empire.  We are doing stories about Animals around the World, including Bill Martin's Brown, Bear, Brown Bear  (watch and listen to a YouTube of the author reading this book) and Laurie Kreb's We're Sailing to Galapagos.  I have become a big Laurie Krebs fan.  Her picture books are fun to read and always teach something as well - great books for this year's Summer Reading Club theme, One World, Many Stories.

I have a cadre of volunteers to read to, play games with and make crafts with the children at Jaindl School.  The fun begins at 1:30 pm.  So come out of the heat and sail off to the Galapagos with us.  I plan to make this program a resounding success.

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