Wednesday, June 14, 2017

10 Kids' Book Blogs!

Children's Book Council has an informative blog.  Librarians, take note.  The June 14th entry covered a list of books for kids reading beyond their age level.  Huge help here!

My FAVE!!!  Betsy Bird at  A Fuse # 8 Production offers book reviews, book and publishing news, some opinions, lots of award predictions and good writing.  Books featured are picture book through middle grade.

First Book puts new books into the hands of very young children and into the hands of older children as well.  Dedicated to literacy, First Book has done its work for 25 years now.  Check out their book picks, articles and suggestions for literacy activities.

Like Picture Books and illustration?  Check out Seven Impossible Things before Breakfast. 

Literacious.    She is the director of a small public library.  And five days a week she posts book lists, book reviews, book news from her own library stacks and from the entire country.

 Girl Plus Book deals ONLY with YA books - books for teens and younger adults.  But that girl does a fine job of reviews. The New2YA segments let readers know what is on the bookstore shelves NOW!

 Erik started his blog when he was 9.  He's 15, now.  This Kid Reviews Book is the place for you to find the perfect book for the kid in your life. 

Kids Book Review is Australian      Features Australian publishers and authors but also talks about international English language books for toddlers through teens

Children's Book Daily.   Those Aussies!  This blogger is a writer, a librarian and a book reviewer.

Big Book Little Book is British.  It features lots and lots of book reviews divided into age groups.

Blogs are ephemeral.  I tried to pick useful blogs that have posted within the last two months.  So many great blogs have dropped into disuse because their writers found full-time employment, family life intervened - or in my case when I drop from view - distraction!

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