Tuesday, June 20, 2017

3 Lists to OOMPH Your Summer Reading!

Need ideas to spark your reading lists for young (even if in mind only) readers?  Take a look at what the book-makers  suggest.  (That's publishers, not the other book-makers.  Kidlit, remember?)

Brightly has must-read lists for all age groups here.  Brightly is a Penguin/Random House product but their suggestions are right on target.

Griffin Teen touts it's summer list here.  Look at the line-up in THIS book.  Oooh, summer love💕💕💕

If you don't already subscribe to The Book Reporter newsletters, take a look at TeenReads.com.  With reviews written by actual readers, not just by industry spokespeople, these newsletters have a homespun, authentic feel.  PLUS, they give stuff away!!!

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