Wednesday, June 28, 2017

LBB...One More Time

(His name is Little Blue Bunny.  D says he is 8 years old now because she wants him to get a cell phone soon.)

It gets harder and harder to find trouble that Little Blue Bunny has NOT gotten in to.

Flooded the Squirrel family abode?  Done that!
Messed up his parent's closet?  Check!
Turned fairy princesses into flowers?  Duh! Of course!
Climbed the Eiffel tower?  At least twice.
Scaled a volcano?  Yep.
Kidnapped various toys with the help of various other toys? Ho hum.  It's been done.

He got trapped on an amusement park ride.
He joined the pirates.
He swung from a ceiling fan.
I think he bungled up Project Runway: Toy Edition at least once.
He ran away from home.
He ate too much cake and threw up.
He stepped on everyone's toes at the Ball.
He teases his sisters and his older brother.
He causes Mammy Mammoth to have conniptions almost weekly.
Poor Mammy!

His favorite escapade of all is climbing.

So, yesterday, Little Blue Bunny decided to climb the lamp connected to the lamp table.  The bottom of the lamp table is Little Blue Bunny's room and it's also where we store the board games.  The top of the table is Lila's room.  She's a teenager and likes to be near the phone.

D warned him not to do it.

"I know how to climb." He scoffed.  (He's a good scoffer.) Off he went, higher and higher.  He got to the bend in the lamp's arm and slid close to the base of the bulb.

D covered her mouth.  "No!" she breathed.  Then, she turned stern.  (Whoa, no one does stern like D!) "You will burn yourself, you silly bunny."

D reached over and took Little Blue Bunny and made him climb up the inside of the lamp shade - away from the bulb.

Just then!!  The front door opened and in walked Daddy to take D home.  Startled, Little Blue Bunny lost his grip, bounced off the bulb, and landed on top of Lila who never even noticed because she was texting someone on her domino phone.

Nana took care of the rascal.  D gathered her things and Daddy heard about her day and talked to Gramps.

But before she left, D took Nana aside and whispered what Little Blue Bunny should do the next time we play with him.

It's a good one!  Honestly, I can't wait.

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  1. Oh how I love little Blue B! I am glad he didn't get hurt. Nothing worse than burns! Can't wait for his next adventure! Hugs!