Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Who knew?? 5 Things I Learned from Books

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Who knew??? 

Over the years, I have picked up tidbits that had little or nothing to do with the plot of the book I was reading.  I have carried these things with me, years after I forgot where I read them.

1.  Who knew that if you put the cream in FIRST, you don't have to stir your coffee?  No idea what book that came from - just that it was YA and starred a Renaissance Fair following Mom.

2.  Who knew that a wet paper towel is an excellent way to pick up those little glass shards that you can't see?  Just wipe the area of the floor where the glass broke with the wet paper towel and you will be amazed at what it picks up. Use a disposable wet mopping cloth as a substitute. (They weren't invented when I read that book.) This middle grade book featured the son of his school's headmaster.  That's all I remember.

3. Who knew that tuatara have third eyes on top of their heads?  This came from a Nocturnals book.  It's a fun series for young readers (third grade and up) that features a team of problem solving nocturnal animals.

4. Who knew that a messy bedroom can signal a lack of self-respect?  OK.  That one is an opinion but I think it holds water.  A messy bedroom can also signal a lack of discipline, a sense of entitlement (as in, someone else should clean this up), an over scheduled life, a sense of rebellion... but the lack of self-respect made me stop and look at myself. It's from one of the Anna Pigeon National Park Ranger mysteries by Nevada Barr.

5.  Who knew that halfway down the stairs was "somewhere else instead"?  Sit there.  You'll see. Oh, A. A. Milne, I love you!


  1. I love your blog. Who knew that we could read books and learn so much!! And there is no test!
    Oh, education does come from books, huh.
    However the little facts of everyday life are wonderful aren't they. It is the incidental learning! It's the learning we get from good friends (of which books are in that category!)

  2. Love #4 & #5 especially! Thank you for this! Now to find a staircase I can sit half-way down and see what happens!