Monday, May 8, 2017

8 odd memes

Memes travel like sound waves, but without any discernible trace of their movements.  Since most books are in development for a year or more, these odd details occurred to two or more authors, miles apart, at almost the same time.  It is a mystery.

1.  Ships that sail the skies salvaging junk. This shows up in two novels this year and one from two or three years ago. Carve the Mark, Jed and the Junkyard War, The Fog Diver. (I really enjoyed The Fog Diver - the others, too, but that one sticks in my mind.)

2. Travel by suitcase.  No, really.  Two books this year.  The Crooked Sixpence, The Glass Town Game.  The suitcase is your vehicle.

3.  Kids who end up being something else - and I don't mean special or talented or immortal or magical.  I mean something else entirely.  Three books last year, one this year. Rebel Genius, The Adventures of Lettie Peppercorn, The Kidnap Plot, Jed and the Junkyard War

4.  Strokes.  Yep.  I've read two books in the last year.  Falling Over Sideways, Cyclone

5. Heretics of the 13th century - only two books that I am aware of, both last year, but really? The Inquisitor's Tale, The Passion of Dolssa

6. Co-habiting with the dead.  Ghostly Echoes, The Crooked Sixpence, Ghosts.  This is not a new meme. Usually, only one character can see or hear the ghosts. In the Crooked Sixpence and in Ghosts, the dead are regular residents of a community.

7. Literary works, characters or authors as main plot devices.  Tash Hearts Tolstoy.  The Glass Town Game.  Emily Dickinson and Jane Austen also figure prominently in new fiction.

8. Kids who live in prisons. All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook. The Warden's Daughter. The Executioner's Daughter.

Here are two things that crop up a lot. One concept is fun but I could see less of it.  The other is just depressing - even for a survivor. 

1. Renaissance fairs.  Why not sports camps?  Just asking, here.  (I actually did read a book about sports camp.) A Properly Unhaunted Place, - I loved this book, BTW.  Setting Free the Kites,

2.  Cancer.  It doesn't matter who has it.  I am tired of it.  Of course, every time I say this someone writes a really good book for kids and teens about the subject. Still. 

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