Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Mustard Icing a La Little Blue Bunny

His name is Little Blue Bunny.  D says he is 6 years old.  Although we constantly remind him that he is a toy, he continues to get into trouble.

Here are the games we play with Little Blue Bunny:
1. Squirrel Family.  Little Blue Bunny is adopted!  His parents and two of his sisters are squirrels.  The Squirrel family does a lot of traveling and partying and needs endless wardrobe changes.  They also do Project Runway; Toy Edition.

2.  Little Blue Bunny Gets in Trouble One Last Time. (LBBGITOLT)  In our world, there are a LOT of "last times".

3.  Wizard World.  This game is AWESOME! It includes other characters, played by D, myself and a range of lesser toys and a slew of spells and wishes and spinning and dancing and other things.

4. School.  This is often a version of LBBGITOLT with trips to the Principal's office and time-outs.

5. Teenagers.  Little Blue Bunny falls in love with the fairy princess or the paper bunny.  They text on their domino phones.  They go on dates. They break up. When LBB kisses one of his girlfriends, he tends to float in the air like a cartoon character in love.  I. AM. NOT. READY. FOR. THIS. 

Last month, Little Blue Bunny invented a recipe for chocolate bacon and baked bean cake, (probably actually been done) with mustard icing.  MUSTARD ICING???!!!!  Yuck!  Bllleeewwwh!  This was for his cooking show on TTV (Toy TV).  (According to Nana's imaginary poll, that non-existent cooking show has been played on YouVu a kazillion times.  Little Blue Bunny has charisma.)

I couldn't get mustard icing out of my mind.  Then, I found a small container of cream cheese icing in the freezer. I HAD to try it.  I HAD to.  Little Blue Bunny would have approved.  I added some brown mustard to the icing and ...
I did not die.  Or get sick to my stomach.

My rating of mustard icing is minus 4.  I'm not going to write it off as a total waste because I suspect someone out there will like it.  In the hands of an actual chef, it might work. 

That said, don't try this at home.

Also, if mustard icing becomes a thing - especially if it adorns a chocolate bacon and baked bean cake, - remember that Little Blue Bunny came up with it first.
He's hiding in the stocking.

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  1. Seriously....when are you writing the book on Little Blue Bunny? It is a hoot. Loved that you tried the icing :D