Monday, May 29, 2017

10 Facebook Pages I Love to Follow

In alphabetical order...since I am mostly retired, I did not give you a Dewey Decimal System number.  You are welcome.

Bangor Maine Police Department.  Almost every day, T.C. posts happenings in Bangor Maine and mulls over their meaning - or not.  TC is also the keeper of the DOJ, Duck of Justice.  Funny, thoughtful and as yummy as blueberry pancakes!

Brightly / Read Brightly - LOTS of book reviews, but lots of literacy activities as well, this Penguin Random House site puts up colorful info on getting kids to read.

The Children's Book Review  This FB page is about 1. Books, 2. for children, and 3. they write reviews. So, yeah.

Cricket Media is the home to all my favorite kids' magazines, LadyBug, Spider, Cricket, Cicada, ASK, - the list goes on and on.

Hattifant - because we all need colorful paper thingies to confuse and baffle our fingers.

 JP Sears, the genius behind Ultra Spiritual makes fun of all the non-aggressive aggressive sorts out there.  Nothing is sacred.  This is for adults, mostly.  You have been warned.

Kiwi Crate  So, this is a company that wants you to buy things.  Still, they post great crafts and science experiments, too.

The Niblings - the most prolific bloggers from School Library Journal stick their posts here.  Book REVIEWS!!!  I love it.

Red Ted Art .  She has kids and knows how to keep them busy.  She also has a delightful British accent.  Check out her site to find out how to make homemade fidget spinners and all kinds of other stuff.

 Young Adult Books Central   They give away books!!!  Nuff said.

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