Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Reboots and Second Chances

Do-Overs.  That's what we need, chances to do things right this time.  If you want to hear stories about Second Chances, Reboots and Do-Overs, come out to Touchstone Theatre, 321 E. 4th Street, Bethlehem, PA 18015, on Friday night, Jan. 17th at 8 pm, for a Story Cabaret,  Admission is $10 but the tellers are awesome.
A promise of things to come.

Psst.  Over here.  You may not have noticed but a new year started 2 weeks ago.  You know what that means.  You have a whole year in which to do all the things you promised to do last year.  Right?  Like, um, get organized.  Put your finances in order.  I am not even going to mention the, how should I put it? - size thing at all.

Maybe you were going to keep your house looking like a model home last year.  Maybe you were going to finally invent that gadget for corralling the kids' toys.  That book?  You will get it written this year.  Or that business plan - this is YOUR year, buckos and buckettes.

Right?  It will all get done.  You have been given another brand new year.  It's like freshly fallen snow, completely unsullied by any bird's twig-like footprints or boot tracks.  The new year lies in front of you like a white field, just waiting for you to break a trail.  Yeah.

I could tell you stories about all the second chances I had and lost.  And I will tell some of those stories on Friday night.  Join me.  I may even bring the accordion.  If enough of you show up, I promise not to play it...

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