Sunday, January 19, 2014

Storytelling Update

Story Cabaret was so much fun.  I got to see people I haven't seen in a long time!!  My presentation was well-received.  The other storyteller was delightful.  But the best part of Story Cabaret - as far as I am concerned - is when the audience gets up and shares stories.  There are so many great stories out there and so many natural storytellers.  Many, many thanks to Mary Wright for making Story Cabaret happen.

Larry Sceurman's show at Godfrey Daniels this afternoon was very well-attended.  Lots of kids, lots of parents and grandparents and even some unattended adults.  Godfrey Daniels is such a cozy place to hang around afterwards, too.  Many thanks to Ingrid Bohn and Barbara Sceurman for helping behind the counter.  Larry, you rock.


  1. Sounds like a storytelling great time! I love hearing stories from when my parents were young. I got to hear some I'd never heard before during these most recent holidays. I find if you ask lots of questions people will come out with their stories eventually. Just takes some time and patience. :)

    It's funny how your blog list isn't updating with my recent blog posts. I don't know why. Maybe try taking my blog off the list and putting it back in again... That might work...

    I hope things are well with you!

    1. I did that, Michele, so I hope it works. I'm following you on bloglovin' as well. Happy New Year!