Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!

It's 2014.  And we didn't even need to do anything to make this happen.

No looking back this year.  2013 - well, it's over, isn't it?  Here are the things I am looking forward to in 2014.

Great Storytelling!!  Children's Winter Series  at Godfrey Daniels starts on Sunday, Jan. 5th.  I am antsy for that to start, already.

Great writing!  I know.  Except for a short-lived (1 and 1/2 years) column in a weekly paper, I have never published anything.  This is the year.  I know it.

Great family!  My Mom is healthy.  My siblings are all well.  My son and daughter-in-law are thriving. My granddaughter is growing, growing, growing.  My Hub is still supporting me and loving me.  And I love him.

Great reading!  Rachel sent me a pirate book suggestion; I have it on my Nook right now.  It's time to start reading because book review sessions are just a few months away.

Youth telling!!  We have a contest planned - the Pennsylvania Youth Storytelling Showcase - in April.  We need young tellers.  Give me a shout out if you are interested.

And the best of everything, everywhere - for me and mine and especially, my friends, for you and yours.

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