Friday, September 16, 2011

September's Giveaway

I have a new giveaway and this one is super!  I am giving away a SIGNED copy of Origami Yoda, an unsigned copy of Darth Paper - both by Tom Angleberger AND...are you ready?  This is the coolest, coolest part of this giveaway - an actual Darth Paper origami finger puppet folded by Tom Angleberger HIMSELF!

WHY - I ask myself even as I type this - WHY would anyone give away an actual origami Darth Paper, folded by the Sky Wars Origami GURU himself?

Because I love you, my readers, that is why!

So comment on this post, please, with your first name and your geographical location - anonymous comments are welcome, as long as you put the above information in the comment - and on October 8th I will announce the winner.  The deadline for your comments is October 6th at 11:59 pm.

Photographic evidence of the total awesomeness of this giveaway!  You WANT this, I know!

COMMENT UPDATE:   Someone with a very unusual first name suggested - in an email - that people with very unusual first names might be reluctant to post their first name and location.  If that is the case, I will accept an email address and I promise that it WILL NOT appear in the final comment.  I do moderate all comments since some of the people who read this blog are minors. ALSO:  Please, just your town.  Not your whole address.  Thanks, and may the Force be with you.


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  2. I used The Strange Case of the Origami Yoda this summer for a book discussion and my kids LOVED it! We even made our own Origami Yodas.

    Laura - King of Prussia, PA

  3. Show the love for Tom Angleberger! Can't wait for Darth Paper to come in the mail :)
    Erin from New Bethlehem, PA

  4. Peter from Butler, PA! I got your comment but I don't want your whole address out there SO I deleted it. You are entered. Your name is already in the Chobani Cup of Oracleness. So please don't worry.

  5. Glynnis for Scranton, PA!
    A mom of the library pulled up in the parking lot today and I noticed she had Darth stickers on the back of her van, two adult Darths and two baby Darths, where so many families have the stick figures representing their families! Wicked cool!