Sunday, September 11, 2011

House work - real slate

We have an apartment on the second floor of our house - sort off to the side.  From the front, it looks like that wing of the house is all one unit.  Nope!  The first floor is ours, the second floor - and it extends out in the back - is the apartment.

A hole in the ceiling!
While the tenant is off visiting relatives, we are fixing the electricity in the bathroom.  We had our handyman/electrician guy look at it after the tenant moved in and he "fixed" it.  As a matter of fact, when he started this project, it was "fixed" after a wire wiggling, too.  If we left it like that, sure as sure, our tenant would return, plug something in and POOF! ZZZZZT! ZAP!  So while the apartment is empty, the handyman/electrician guy is blasting his radio and crawling around the space above the bathroom in the apartment.

Guess what he found up there??  An entire porch roof, complete with slate - REAL slate.  The builder just built the addition over it when he added the apartment back in the '30s or '40s.  So, today, we decided that before he closes up the crawl space, he will retrieve as many of those slates as he can.  (GRAMMAR UPDATE: That sentence had THREE tenses in it, past, present and future!) My Dad can use the slate on his barn roof. 
Update:  The husband went up and decided it's not worth all the effort to bring the slate down.  Oh, well.  We'll have an access panel now if we ever decide we want them.
The crawl space we didn't know we had.

The worst part of all of this will be cleaning up after the job is done.  Our handyman/electrician gets stuff swept up and put back the best way he can, but it is never good enough for ME!  And the tenant is way pickier about that kind of stuff than I am.   Anyone want to help?  I can pay you in slates! (That way, we'll HAVE to bring some down!)

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