Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pumpkin butter and crystallized ginger

I was feeling domestic today so I retrieved the pumpkin from the freezer - I have a new crop coming in - and made pumpkin butter in my crockpot.  The recipe I used called for apple juice.  I used apple cider and my "pumpkin" butter tastes more like "apple" butter because of it.  I used about ten cups of pumpkin puree to 1 cup of cider.  You'd think that would balance out.  Next time I will use water.  The resulting apple/pumpkin butter is pretty tasty nonetheless.

I also decided to try making candied - or crystallized- ginger.  Now that recipe called for a pound of ginger and a pound of sugar.  I had half a pound of ginger so I halved the sugar.  I did NOT halve the water.  So I had to overcook the ginger to boil off the extra water.

  The ginger has a very strong taste and is crispy but yummy.  So I am happy.  Life is a learning process.

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  1. Crystalized Ginger is so expensive in the stores for a tiny bottle. It is so easy to make. At the holidays you could crystalize oranges and then dip them into dark chocolate. Very yum!