Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Boynton Grew Up Quaker

Quel surpris!  Une Quaker amusant!  Sandra Boynton has been making us smile since her college days.  I remember when I first ran across her greeting cards.  My sisters and I were in a card store. (Remember those?  Once there were several in every town - not just the Hallmark(tm) shop.)  My sisters and I took turns saying, "Listen to this one!" and either groaning, laughing or sighing at the sentiments.

Boynton's cards made us breathless with laughter.

Needless to say, when her books showed up, I bought them for my son and eventually for the library at which I worked.

Her first book, "Hippos Go Berserk!" came out 40 years ago.  How is that even possible?  She was a mere child of - never mind. 
Boynton's books are all just the right size.  When "Philadelphia Chickens" came out, complete with music CD, I was thrilled!  The songs were silly, soulful and fun to sing!

Thanks to the Washington Post for writing this article celebrating 40 years of chubby animals with spunk and the woman who brought us so much joy.  (The title of this blogpost comes directly from the article.  I happen to like Quakers.)

"Hippo Birdie Two Ewes" to Sandra Boynton's Berserk Hippos!

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