Thursday, July 20, 2017

Chopped! for Kids' Crafts. Challenge me!

School bus ?  Stone Henge?  Castle Greyskull? Dinosaur?

So, here's my idea.  Someone sends someone - me or even you - a box of random recyclables of the sort that we use for children's crafts.  Cardboard tubes, jar lids, paper plates, paper bags, straws, small plastic bottles, corks, string, milk cartons etc.  Surprise me!

The second part of the challenge is this. The recipient will record the process of opening the box and MUST come up with a children's crafts that uses the stuff in the box.  The recipient makes something and records the finished product. The challeng-ee can even record their attempts.    To do this right, all participants should reference sites and books that are used to find ideas.  Recording COULD be video, but photos are good.

What do you think?

This might make a good program for tweens and teens.  Make unboxing videos with your book club.  You can even use a book theme.  For instance, they have to use the items in the box as resources in a Hunger Games challenge.  Or, the items in the box must be used to create a character or item from a popular series.  Don't just think adventure or fantasy series, either.

The best thing is that the person putting the box together just throws things in.  It's up to the opener to be creative.  OH!  I love it. 

Nothing perishable or hazardous.
The unboxer can add or use the following items: scissors, hole punch, glue, tape, color-adding technology (crayons, markers, colored pencils or paints) string or yarn or ribbons, rubber bands, fabric scraps, and scrap paper.  Googly eyes or pompoms? Not sure about the googly eyes or pompoms.

If you want to challenge me, just send me a list of the random items.  I will box - and unbox - them myself. 

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