Friday, March 3, 2017



I just closed Jordan Sonnenblick's book, Falling Over Sideways, and all the feels!!!! When I read a contemporary book that showcases a particular problem, I always wonder if that problem happened to the author or to someone he or she loved or knew. So, yeah, for the first third of the book that thought intruded.

And, then, it didn't matter anyway - because Sonnenblick's inner middle schooler is never far away.  His descriptions are laugh-out loud funny. His characters are likeable - or hate-able - and always human.

Lately, the books I have read, The Passion of Dolssa, With Malice, even Ghostly Echoes, have been just a teensy weensy dark. These books are pretty awesome and discussion worthy. I am just in the mood for less complicated endings.

AND Sonnenblick's books have their own darkness. Falling Over Sideways deals with what happens when a middle school girl's parent has a major medical emergency.  Most parents are thoughtful enough not to have medical emergencies while their kids are growing up. So, reading about zits, braces, friendship issues, music, dance, annoying big brothers AND ICUs?   Wow! 

Sonnenblick finds hope and victory in his darkness.  I need that.

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