Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Catching up BOB and KUCLC

Catch up #1:
The 2017 Battle of the Kids' Books is under way.  Today's post is the THIRD round.  (Big snowstorm - major distraction, here).  Check out the recent post here.   The first two posts are along the right hand side so you can catch up.  I have not been super surprised with the judges decisions - so far.

Tomorrow Louise Erdrich's Makoons goes up against John Lewis'  March: Book Three.   I am leaning heavily in support of March.  Makoons has some masterful moments, as well, but the story of  a woodland tribe making the prairies their new home is written with the smudged brush of long ago nostalgia.

It appears that SLJ's bloggers just pair their chosen titles against each other in alphabetical order.  What continues to amaze me, year after year, is how apt these pairings are.  In tomorrow's round,  we have a pictorial memoir of a real life struggle for equality that still goes on today stacked up against a nostalgic fictional look at a real life struggle for survival that still goes on today - although both might be in other forms.

The FIRST match, Freedom Over Me by Ashley Bryan, and Freedom in Congo Square by Carole Boston Weatherford are picture books that describe the lives of African slaves in the United States.
SEE WHAT I MEAN?  Alphabetical or subject matter??  How are  the BoB books paired?

AND, here's another reminder that the Kutztown University Children's Literature Conference is barreling down on me like a ton of unread books!  April 1st - and NO, it's not a joke - I will review what the other bloggers are shouting about and the books that I have loved and liked and meh-ed about in the past year - and even in the next few months.  The free books are not as plentiful as you might like but there will be some delicious titles, there for the picking. 


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