Saturday, October 8, 2011


The winner of the amazing Tom Angleberger package of Star Wars Origami Awesomeness is.....Peter Best of Butler PA!!!  And Peter does not even have to email me because he sent me his whole address last month.  Unless there has been a change!

Once again the Chobani Oracle Cup has given me the winner.  My winner choice system is very similar to HGTV's big home giveaway system - except for the warehouse full of entries part.  Oh and the several servers worth of online entries.  Nope, except for those two very small differences, HGTV and I pick winners of our giveaways in exactly the same way.  HGTV randomly chooses one of their huge bins of entries and then reaches in and selects just one.

I write all entries out on identically sized paper and stick them into the Chobani Oracle Cup and close my eyes and pick!  Someday, I may have to contend with online entries and a large bin of paper slips.  I may even have to move up to a quart size Stonyfield container.  For now, my Chobani Oracel Cup will do.

The USPS is closed on Monday.  Peter, your prize will be on its way to you on Tuesday.  May the Force be with you and all my readers.  Dum dum dum dumdedum dumdedum dum!

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