Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Back again, after spending some time thinking about what sunshinegirl said about overwriting. I feel that the overwriting is a symptom of many things in our society right now - not trusting the other person's imagination to be equal to one's own. Also, dumbing down experiences. In order to make the book or the editorial or the movie "reach" the widest audience, watering down the content and making the author's viewpoint accessible. (I'm getting so flustered, I'm using partial sentences here.) Sometimes my messages have been misinterpreted, (rightly, because I have been obtuse,) but sometimes the listener/reader just didn't get it. What responsiblity belongs to the audience in this case? If we don't protest all the overwritten books and the simple minded movies, won't things continue to deteriorate?

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  1. I feel a post coming on but it's not formed yet. I think that audiences have been taught to abdicate responsibility - to the radio, the TV, the performer who is so far away we can ignore him or her. They don't feel that they have any responsibility so they don't have to listen.
    Almost a post. It will get there.