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2019 KU Children's Literature Conference Book List with Addendum and Attendees suggestions.

KU Children's Literature Conference 2017 book list. It's done already.  I expect to add some addenda later.

The Addendum is HERE!!!!

( Fall 2016 below)

I am adding websites that post book lists, here.  This is mainly for my convenience, but you might find it helpful, too.

Brightly -  a Penguin/Putnam product that concentrates on books for toddlers through the age of , maybe 12?, I think.

Riveted - I think this is a Simon and Schuster site, but it offers FREE digital books that you can read NOW!!  Immediately!  Free and Immediate are two of my favorite concepts.  All for Teens.

 So, KUCLC 2016 WAS going to be my last Book Review session.  I never shared  my list from that.  Here it is.
I will be back in April 2017.  Here's the link for the Kutztown University Children's Literature Conference.

Here is my book list for KUCLC 2015.   I hope to post the notes I used and some of the issues I talked about soon, along with attendees' suggestions.

Here is My KU 2014 Addenda including the books I forgot to add, the ones I haven't read yet, and suggestions from the audience.  Enjoy.

My Kutztown University Children's Literature Conference 2014 - Grades 5 through 12 booklist!!  Yahoo!  I forgot about a dozen books and I will add those and some suggestions soon.  Give me a couple of days.  Life keeps happening to me!

The Printz Award Winners (books for teens) for 2014/

The Newbery Award winners for 2014

Check the Association for Library Services to Children's list of awards here.

KU Children's Lit Conferences 2014 will happen on April 12th.  I am in the throes of producing a booklist for this event.  It will be harder this year because, for some reason and it may just be me, I was not overly inspired by the books offered up this year.  Again, it may have been me.  I am getting older.  Oh, I hope that's not it.

Check back in a week or so for the 2014 list.  In the meantime, click here to see what ELSE will happen at Kutztown that day.

I will post  links to my lists, mostly book lists, here.  Check back monthly for new lists.

KU2013 - my booklist.  Here are my favorites of 2012 - fiction and non-fiction for grades 4 through 8 - and up.   I had a little help with this one.  Thanks!

Books for Quiet Winter Moments - While dashing through the snow - or the mall - don't forget to share some quiet moments with your family.  This list was requested by the Allentown Public Library.

Just in time for Halloween!!!  Reading Rockets has a lovely book list for young readers, including a Madeline parody titled Frankenstein.  After checking out that book list, wander around Reading Rockets for other great tips for encouraging young readers.

Summer Reading Club Booklists:
These lists support programs I am doing this summer.

Dreams and Wishes  The summer theme is "Dream Big! - Read!" so a storytime on dreams and wishes only makes sense.  The kids described a lot of different ways to make wishes, including birthday wishes, wishbones, stars, coins in fountains, eyelash and eyebrow wishes.  And they knew the difference between wishes and dreams.  One requires effort on the person's part.  Smart kids.  Enjoy the list.  Send me suggestions because I know I just scratched the surface.

Fireflies!  I love fireflies and here's a list of books for children to share.

Favorites of 2011
 This book list was created for the APL Tri-District Meeting in December, 2011.  It includes my favorite Picture Books, Fiction for Younger Readers, Fiction for Teens, and Youth Non-Fiction from 2011.  

Books I Want to Read
I began this list in April of 2011. It's much longer now.

10 Great Websites and Blogs about Children's Books
This list was created to share with people who need suggestions when reading to children - Kiwanis Club members, library volunteers, child care providers.
Check my blog every Tuesday for another website or blog review and link.

KU2012 List of my favorite books from 2011.  Grades 5 and up.
This list was just presented to the 14th Kutztown University Children's Literature Conference.  As comprehensive as it seems, there are plenty of great books that aren't on it, especially non-fiction.  There is some overlap with the Favorites of 2011 list above.


  1. National Storytelling Network application for Brimstone Award ($5,000) deadline is April 30th.

  2. Lizzie zip mouth
    Lizzie zip mouth is a funny fiction book for kids by one of my favourite authers.
    Its about a girl called lizzie. when she moves in with her new stepdad she goes quet she ends up going to her new great grandma that collects dolls.
    it turns out lizzie loves her grandma and visits almost every day but then her grandma gets ill and cant walk or talk but lizzie soon fixes that problem.