Thursday, September 2, 2021

Avoidance Part 3 - TIME LIE!

 NOTICE: Chances are HUGE that most of the personal remarks - about me -- in this post will be lies.

Friends, I am completely honest and I NEVER EVER lie to myself. BUT, I have been given to understand (isn't that an awesome phrase, "given to understand"?) that some people DO lie to themselves.

In doing that, those people - not me, of course, - find themselves suddenly short of time. Here are some examples of this that I have been made aware. (Should I add "of" there?)

1. Telling yourself that this will be the LAST game of solitaires that you will play. HAH! I have personally seen someone make that last game stretch into four or five 'last' games.

2. Watching videos of crafters because they will give the watcher cool ideas - that will never be made.

3. Looking outside and deciding that it is too hot or cold or muggy or windy to do whatever it is  without even stepping outside.

But the biggest worst lie of all is this. I WILL DO IT LATER WHEN I HAVE MORE TIME.

Look at that statement. With every second that passes, we have LESS time. We will never have MORE time than we do RIGHT NOW. So sitting back on the sofa with one's feet up and thinking, "I'll do it later when I have more time." doesn't work. It is physically impossible to have more time than now.

That said, we all have obligations and neglecting those obligations does not make us good people. There may be future periods where we will have uninterrupted time. 

Even saying that "I will do it when I have a stretch of uninterrupted time," easily turns into a lie. Uninterrupted time gets snipped apart if we allow ourselves to become distracted (a future avoidance topic.)

Successful "task completers" do not wait until they have more time. They get stuff done in the time they are given.

Don't lie to yourself. You WILL probably play another game of solitaire especially if that last game ends after one deal of the cards. Watching other people make crafts is satisfying in itself.  Go outside! 

But most importantly:  You will NEVER have more time. Do it - whatever it is - NOW.

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