Sunday, May 17, 2020

5 Pandemic-related thoughts; Sunday Selfie

Whew! I can barely type anymore. My brain is in a fog. There is garden to be planted, house to clean; stuff to sew and thoughts - so many thoughts.

I scuttled my first Thought #1. It was divisive but writing it made me feel better.

So my new Thought #1 is this.
Write down the things that anger you instead of shouting them out. Write down your worries. Write down your disappointments. Write down your hardships.  Somehow, seeing them spread out in black (or blue or red or even chartreuse) is a release.  And, sometimes it puts your worries into a more healthy perspective.

(CAVEAT: Writing down reports of dangerous behavior will NOT help you. If you or your loved ones are abusive or dangerously careless of themselves or others, reach out for help.)

Thought #2
How does going over and over the timeline of missed opportunities help us?

Now is the time to concentrate on finding solutions. If our government can't get moving due to lack of science, or lack of experience, or lack of attention, or, blast them, lack of concern, then we have to save ourselves. Support our front line workers. Invest in companies that are producing research based tests and treatments. Also, vote the buggers out! Write your representatives. now.

Find ways to work with others to promote responsible behavior. Make masks. Wear masks. Wash hands. Stay six feet apart. (Oh, that one is so hard when there are Moms to hug.)

Thought #3

Thought #4
Give thanks for all the people who are finding ways to connect safely; the artists who post their songs, artwork, dance, musical pieces and theater attempts, stories and writings online for everyone to enjoy.

Libraries that offer meetings on internet based networking sites; teachers that contact their students often to keep them up to date; friends who photograph the beautiful and delightful things in their life and share those photos; children who create chalk drawings to cheer up their neighbors. Poets who find new ways to view our predicament. Be grateful for what we have. Reach out to others who have less.

Thought #5
Lift each other up.  Sing. Breathe. Bake. Find the flower in the sidewalk and celebrate it.
Be kind. Be truthful. Be careful. Be brave.

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