Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lockwood & Co

Jonathan Stroud  (remember Bartimaeus?) has a new series.  Yippee! Lockwood & Co follows the adventures of Lucy Carlyle after she joins the ghost investigator firm of Lockwood & Co.  Luminous emanations, chains, screams, grisly skeletons and dripping blood -these things can actually kill you in Stroud's haunted London.  Only children can find the Visitors that keep everyone else locked in their iron bedecked homes from sundown to sunup.  Children and teens guard factories and streets.  The more sensitive children actually hunt dangerous visitors and destroy them.  And that is what Lockwood, Lucy and nerdy George do night after spine-chilling night.

Can you say awesome?  Repeat after me.  AWESOME!  I got an e-galley and this series will be great.  And I don't even like ghost stories.

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