Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Favorite Author tour with Hilary McKay

I am going on a blog mini-hiatus which means; don't expect much in June.  Tomorrow, my remaining parent goes in for surgery; my son is finishing his degree which means we are babysitting more; and I must battle bunnies in the garden - oh, and weeds.

I suddenly got an urge to re-read Exiles at Home by Hilary McKay.  This was the first McKay book I ever read and the the way the girls' project intersects with another family member's project delights me.  I want to revisit the details.  Why exactly DID they send in that magazine coupon?  How did they manage to meet their commitment?  What happened to that nice older couple?

So, a visit to the library is in order.  I may re-read all the Exiles books, and then, who knows?  The Amber Cat?  The Casson Family series?  It's summer.  Time to go on a Favorite Author tour.

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  1. Enjoy the bloggy time off, Bookkm, sounds like your feet will be flying! :)