Tuesday, February 5, 2013



Kid's Book Website Tuesday, everyone!!  Remember those posts?  Well, I am trying very hard to return to a regular posting schedule.  Today is Tuesday so....

Thanks to BookAunt, I discovered another blogger who is besotted by books written for children.  Great Kid Books!   
Written by Mary Ann Scheuer, an awesome school librarian, Great Kid Books reviews, discusses and opines about books written for non-adults.
Great Kid Books

The site is designed for grown-up people but having another blog to guide me through the labyrinth of children's books is always useful.  Check it out.

Somewhere during the past three days I visited a site with book related games and quizzes and graphics and animations on it and I said to myself, "Self,  THAT's a good site for KWBT."  Lucky for me, I bookmarked it.  Here it is!!

LEGO Books Fun Stuff from DK Books!  What's not to like?  It's LEGO; it's books!  Create your own LEGO character mash-ups.  Download coloring sheets and games.  Watch videos.  Buy books. 
If you stroll around the DK site, you'll find other fun stuff to do.  DK offers all kinds of awesome, visually appealing, accessible and informational books for children and adults.  Enjoy.

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