Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Clarification - Ten Good and Bad Things

When I started this blog - back in the Cretaceous period - I was not the only contributor.  I was also clueless as to how one goes about announcing that this post or that were written by someone else.  Blog posts that mention textbooks, school, Oriental Medicine - all with authority - were written by some of my very good friends.

This was in the percolating stage of blogdom before a purpose and direction were more fully formed.  Oh wait, that's still now. 

I just feel the need to let the wider readership know that a lot of the posts herein during year one and two are not mine.  So don't be confused.  I was not working in a library, going to school, practicing Oriental Medicine in three different states all at the same time.  I am awesome, truly, but not....spoiler alert...I am not a superhero.  Sigh.

Read Ann M. Martin's latest yesterday.  Ten Good and Bad Things about My Life (So Far).  I liked it.  So in honor of that book here is my list of 10 good and bad things about my life today.

1.  It is pouring down rain.                 Good                   &                     Bad
2.  I am still in my pjs.                        Good
3.  It is after 12 noon.                          Good!                                    But also bad
4.  My office is a mess                                                                           Bad.
5.  I need  to exercise.                            ???                                            !!!
6.  I am not a superhero.                      Thank goodness!  No pressure.
7.  Some people do not know #6.  ;)                                                  they are very demanding.
8.  I do not practice Oriental Medicine                 Probably good!
9.  I do not have a pet.                          Good - no work                          Bad - pets are sweet!
10. I have to go to the drs. with Dad           Good, someone has to.        Bad, I want a healthy Dad

Tomorrow, I will review Ten Good and Bad Things About my Life (So Far).    We've come a long way since The Babysitters' Club (a fun series indeed!)

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