Tuesday, July 24, 2012

KBWT - First Book - more

Check out First Book, an organization that distributes books to children who live with few or any books in their lives.  First Book supports other literacy programs as well.  Please look at their website at www.firstbook.org and help this fine organization out.

Parents are always asking which books are best for their children - best as in "most likely to make my child smarter" and best as in "I don't want to waste my time on some silly little book."

My answer has always been, "If you and your child both like the book, THAT is the best book for you."

Hmmm, not good enough, I'm afraid.  So check out Scholastic.com's 100 Best Books for children.  There, that should keep you all happy for awhile.

Start them young.  Start them right - or is that correctly?

But, in case, you really want more, more, more - as well you should - check out Betsy Bird's blog, A Fuse#8 Production, and scroll down til you see the little tabs on the right hand that say 100 Best Picture Books,  and 100 Best Chapter Books.  You may be able to get a Pdf of Betsy's latest 100 best poll that finished up at the end of June.  So many great books are on these lists.

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