Sunday, July 29, 2012

Confession Time

Can I be honest here?  Sometimes, I get....down.  And being me, I sometimes wallow in my down-ness.  Sniff, sniffle....  So this weekend I was down-ish and I didn't want to "do anything".  My Hub was tolerant - at best - but I knew I'd get no pity from him.  He has lived with me too long.

So I have decided on a new tact when this down-ness hits.  It is the advice my mother, - long may she reign! - gave me when I was an eleven year old.  Do Something! 

Here's the thing.  Once I start Doing Something, I suddenly find so many things to do, I no longer have time to feel down!  Amazing!   Like weeding! and a weeded bed looks so nice, who can stay down?  Or FINALLY turning that old towel into reusable mopping cloths as per Michele over on Michele Made Me.  (Hers look nicer but mine work just fine.)

What about replacing the foam cushions in our old sofa with foam from the cushions in the attic?  Or writing up directions on how to make Bead Bugs, or sending cards to my friends, or shortening the curtains, or working on that song I wrote or practicing the piano or the accordion or the guitar....   Oh no!  Now I feel down because I have TOO MUCH TO DO.  Just kidding.
Or I could work on the Craft Fair, October 13th, 2012! Here is Genevieve at last year's Fair.

So I will make a list of Things to Do When Feeling Down to keep with me at All Times.

I am not feeling down today but here are some things I hope to do:
Go to Quaker Meeting - It is First Day after all.
Practice the accordion!!  Yay!
Make a bath puppet from another old towel.  Because puppets are so much fun and easy to do and I don't really need a pattern.
Write - a poem, a story, directions for a craft, a letter.
Send e-cards to my sister and brother who share a birthday - eight years apart.
Maybe even straighten up a room or two.

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Karen I haven't been here in awhile because I've been down. My hands are really shakey due to illness and I can't do any sewing. I miss swimming and now sewing. You are lucky to have an opportunity of breaking your downess with crafts.

    1. You have a valid point. Using crafts to combat depression only works if you can actually do the crafts. I bet you can't pull weeds either. Sigh. I am holding you in the light, sweetheart.