Tuesday, June 26, 2012

KBWT - Publishers - Summer Reading

Publishers are working hard to create characters that children will want to read about over and over again.  To that end, publishers' websites offer, games, contests and videos for children and the people who buy books for children.  Today I will lead you to three publishers' sites where you can explore series through videos, win prizes, or just fool around.

HarperCollins Children's Books (games and contests).  Go right to the fun stuff here.  HarperCollins is the home of Fancy Nancy, The Magnificent 12, The Series of Unfortunate Events, and other blockbuster series.  This link will also let you download printables and read reviews of new series.  Enjoy!

Random House sets up mini-sites for all its most popular titles including Junie B. Jones, the Berenstain Bears, The Dragon Keeper, Sammy Keyes and many more.  Check your favorite characters' sites for news on upcoming books, games and more.

Scholastic.com offers individual sites for many of its series as well.  The Stacks is for older children.  Create your own comic; watch videos; join Scholastic's summer reading club and more.

And talking about Summer Reading Club, if you haven't joined your public library's Summer Reading Club, what are you waiting for?   The theme this year, in many states, is "Dream Big - Read".  So much fun!!!

Barnes and Noble runs a summer reading club as well.  So do many businesses.  Check local movie theaters, craft stores, book stores, and toy stores and ask if they offer a summer reading program.

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