Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Book Expo - TOMORROW

Oh my,  I have just gone through 112 pages of ads and articles on all the great stuff I missed at Book Expo America today.  Luckily, the articles did mention what will happen in Children's Books and Books for Teens for tomorrow.  Plus, I found some extra raffles to enter.  I love those raffles.  I never win but I know someone who does and SHE is going to BEA tomorrow, too.  So is the Hub.

We've got our backpacks and tote bags and our wheely suitcases and we expect to bring back loot and lots of great ideas about what to read - and buy - next.  So many great authors will be there signing books and just sharing the authorly love.  Mo Willems!  He has a NEW Pigeon book out.  I so hope I get to meet him because he is awesome.

As is John Green.  DFTBA, John!  I doubt that I will get within a city block of either John Green OR Libba Bray.  Sigh.  But just being under the same enormous roof is cool.  Maggie Stiefvater is rumored to be close by as well.  And Julie Kagawa and ...be still, my heart...EOIN COLFER!!!  I can't stand it.  And, there are more authors and books.  So many, many beautiful books.

Oh, look at the time!  I have to go over my "assignments".  The bus leaves at the very crack of dawn tomorrow. 

Before I go, let's revisit the Pigeon's very own webpage for KBWT.   Go to Boring Grown-Up stuff for videos that are totally NOT! (Boring OR just for Grown-Ups.)

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