Friday, September 8, 2006

A library volunteer has died. I am grieving. As we grow older this experience becomes routine and yet the shock of knowing that I will never hear her New York accent, her family stories, her laugh again - that NEVER becomes routine.
Maybe this is why I immerse myself in children's matters. Children change and grow but they look forward. When people die, we are forced to look back. Looking back is good, of course, but after a death it is ALL we can do if we want to keep in contact with that person's influence on us.
I meant to put a link to something silly in my blog today. I will leave that to another time. A library volunteer has died. I am in mourning.

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  1. So ya. It's funny because I tried to think about this person. I rarely worked Wednesday mornings. But I do remember one specific Wed. morning. I met this volunteer who was so animated, fun, and a blast to talk to. I met her once, but she left a lasting mark. That's what life is all about. I worked with her once in three years, and I can still remember that day.