Sunday, September 10, 2006

Just in case you haven't experienced Lemony Snicket, he and his partner in disaster, Brett Helquist, give you a chance to catch up with "The Series of Unfortunate Events" in their web video "12 books in 120 seconds". You can watch this - if you are clinically depressed and need company - at So take a couple of minutes and find out how bad things can be.

A good antidote to grief is to spend an hour or so with teenagers -which is what I and my young assistant did last night. Except for the fact that I messed up one of the teen team's scavenger hunt clues, a good time was had by all. And we even had a little leftover pizza.
One of the good things about these late night meetings is what happens afterwards. Often the other Youth Services staff member and I sit around and catch up with each other. Usually, that staff member is my sidekick but last night it was our summer intern. I have to admit, I meet some of the best people at my job and she is definitely one of the them.

But the best thing about after-hours teen meetings is the teens themselves. The teens at last night's party came from seven different schools. Everyone found someone to work with and talk to. Of course, they are joined in their attempt to heap ridicule on my head but I prefer to think that they do it all affectionately. (I truly, truly hope so!) I know I have said it before but it needs repeating. The best teens volunteer where I work. True!

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  1. It's truly amazing to look at the progression through life and see how people are placed so perfectly in our life. Sometimes I look back on the past few years at the library, and I think, wow, what would I have done without these people? *A few in particular* I've said it before, and I'll say it again, you're awesome. Definitely one of my favorite people to talk to, to know, and to appreciate.

    Let's do Red Robin. Soon!! I'm getting tired already. I'm not sure this teaching this is just right for me. We'll see.