Thursday, June 29, 2006

I finally read Hilary McKay's new book, Caddy Ever After, which is not really about Caddy at all. This makes sense in a way, since Caddy has been an interesting minor character in the three other books about the Casson family. This book is about Indigo and Rose and Saffron and Sarah and Rose again and Caddy and then finally Rose. It does tell about Caddy's wedding - but not to darling Michael. I can't tell you anymore because then you wouldn't need to read the book. So, I can't tell you about how Indigo got to be in charge of selling tickets to the Valentine's Day dance or about Rose's mass produced Valentine's Day cards, or her black cardboard, or about Saffron and Oscar and how sick Sarah got when she got the flu, or even about how Rose rescued her mother from lightning. Because if you like the Casson family at all you will want to read this book yourself.
It is the weakest book of the four books. - Saffy's Angel was the strongest. Permanent Rose, although third in the series was next strongest. Indigo's Star was a very admirable book. Caddy Ever After doesn't feel like a story because each of Casson siblings tells part of what happens and it is hard to see how it all fits together. Because it is not really about Caddy, I think McKay owes us another book. I read that she has one more book about this brood in her - and I think it should be about Sarah, even though Sarah is not a Casson. She deserves her own book because she puts up with all of them, after all. And so McKay owes us TWO more books about the Cassons - one that is really and truly about Caddy and one about Sarah. Then I will be satisfied. I think I will write to her and tell her that.
Anyway, I liked the ending of this one. So read it.
It's not the only book I have read in the last 10 days. I read Irene Fowler's new book and enjoyed it a lot but I can't remember what it was called. I started Blue Baliet's The Wright 3 and then left it at work so I will have to wait until the weekend to finish it. (I work Saturday.) Caddy Ever After is just the best book I've read in the last several days.
It is Summer Reading Club after all and I have a lot of other things to think about instead - like the over 100 children that came to our first program - the wonderful Steve Abrams and his Aesop's Fables puppet show and the close to 90 children that came to Mrs. Benedetto's Frog and Toad storytime. She is so good and she very kindly let me tell a story. I hope she didn't mind. And making sure that we have enough volunteers and making sure that we have enough supplies and making sure we get into the schools and get the word out. Busy, busy me.

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