Thursday, May 4, 2006

My name is bookkm and (deep breath, let out very slo-o-o-wly)I am a bookaholic and a stationery geek. Which is why when I got the "Summer Reading Club Preparedness" package from my very good friend, Okuni, I could not WAIT to bring it to work and show all my other book-loving and stationery geek friends. I LO-O-O-OVE the lavendar scented file folders. I am now very serene. The "I am NOT fooling" staple remover looks formidable. And everyone needs some brass balls to get through the day.
Back to my bookaholism. Here are the warning signs!
Cannot sleep until a good book is finished. If you ATTEMPT to put the book down, you twist and turn and re-arrange pillows for ages before you can sleep.
Housework, homework, work work are neglected while in the grip of a good book. (I leave books at home when I am in this stage and that leads to the next sympton.)
Find oneself unable to focus on anything else - such as work - even when NOT reading the book - until the book is done.
When you read the first book of a series that you enjoy, you cannot rest until you have read every other book in the series.
Even chocolate holds no interest until the book is done. If you do eat chocolate while reading, you have no memory of eating later. So don't waste chocolate like this.
People talk to you and you don't hear them. You may give sane answers to questions but you don't remember the questions or answers later. Sort of like a blackout.
Large airplanes can land in your backyard while you are reading in the hammock and you don't notice.
While reading you feel powerful, energetic and strong. Once the book is done, you mope until you find another good book to read.
Reading a good book refreshes you like nothing else.

What should YOU do if you think you might be a bookaholic? Make sure your library fines are paid up because the library is a bookaholic's best friend.
Hire a house keeper. Then you don't have to worry about the housework.
Hold on. There's a good book published somewhere in the world everyday.
Find the book on CD or audiotape so you can listen while you walk, or clean or set off on an adventure. (Lavendar scented file folder finding is a true adventure.)
Go book-less every now and then and experience REAL life so you can judge whether the authors do good work.
Write your own good book about adventures, real or imagined.

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