Thursday, June 14, 2018

LBB Around the World

Summer vacation has started badly.  Someone human had bronchitis on the last day of school and was introduced to the world of inhalers.  Yuck!

Still, Little Blue Bunny, who continues to be well-behaved, is always there to help a friend.

On Tuesday, D announced that Snow, Little Blue's younger sister, was now old enough for adventures with her big brother.  They were explorers.  D wanted them to climb high places or travel around the globe!!!

So, they did!  We spent an hour traveling to places on the globe and gathering treasures.  Then there was a sale of the treasures - including a singing giraffe from Africa, and an entire llama family from Peru, a fairy penguin from New Zealand, a terra cotta soldier from China, a rock from the Grand Canyon, a never-melting icicle from the Arctic, an elephant statue from India.  The money went to help the Acorn family with their expenses.

We missed a whole bunch of excellent places.  We might need to do this again.

Meanwhile, Nutty Romomlia is back in Squirrel hospital with a missing ear.  Nana (me) replaced her ear a week or so ago but I don't have the needle felting thing down quite right - yet.

And that reminds me that I have to go to the yarn store.   I'll be back with more adventures soon!

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