Saturday, April 22, 2017


I promised a giveaway by the end of the week.  And this is the end of the week.

Click here to enter.  Read below for MORE ways to earn entries.

The titles you see above will go to ONE lucky reader. They are;

  1. an ARC of The Glass Town Game  by Catherynne M. Valenti.  The four Brontes climb aboard a train and find themselves in their own imaginary play land. This is a great adventure book and a fascinating look at the four Brontes as children.  (Remember to put the little diacritical mark over the "e".  I can't figure out how to do it.)  Due out in September.
  2. a signed copy of A Bandit's Tale by Deborah Hopkinson (hard bound).  An historical fiction about life for immigrants (this lad is Italian) in 1880s NYC.
  3. a hardbound copy of Speed of Life by Carol Weston. Sofia misses her mother who died suddenly and finds comfort in writing to "Dear Kate", an advice columnist.  Guess who her father decides to date?  This got 4 starred reviews.
  4. an ARC of Double Cross: Deception Techniques in War by Paul B. Janeczko.  Treachery, deception, covert opps from the Civil War forward.  This came out this month.
  5. One Good Thing About America by Ruth Freeman.  Anais writes letters to her Oma in Kenya describing life as an immigrant in America.
  6. Lug: Blast from the North by David Zeltser.  Lug and his friends rescue a strange boy named Blast, who lives on a huge moving glacier.  Blast seems nice but Lug is not so sure.  This is the second entry into a series about Ice Age pre-teen Lug and his friends.

Here's how to earn extra entries.  Comment on this blog post.  I don't need your name or address BUT I do need a nickname or identifier of some kind.  If you have a Blogger account, your user name is good enough. Blogger likes people to join in order to comment but you can comment as Anonymous - which is why I need an identifier.

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On Friday, May 5th, I will post the winner's identity here and email the winner so said winner can send me a name and snail mail address.

It's been awhile since my last giveaway so I hope this works.  Thanks, all.  


  1. I love your book reviews..... AND your fun comments about life, family and various other issues! It is such a fun way to keep updated. Thank You AND NOW you may just pull this comment out and send the books my way. :)