Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Book Giving Day - Giveaways!

It's International Book Giving Day!💕💕💕💕 (Also Valentine's Day - hence the hearts.)

Here are some chances to WIN books and comics - Just for You.

Are you a teacher or librarian?  Well, Brightly has a chance to win a bunch of books for your class or book group!

There's a huge DC Comics giveaway being hosted by Shelf Awareness. Check it out.

Do you a Goodreads account?  Goodreads has giveaways All. The. Time. 

How about YA Books Central?  Whoa!  This site is new to me but I am signing up!  They are giving away Carve the Mark right NOW!

Give away a book today.  Check out the Book Giving Day Blog for a list of charities that will pass your book on to someone who needs it.

  Print out an International Book Giving Day bookplate.  (Check the blog for other bookplates.)  Put it in your book and hand it over to a friend.  OR, place it where someone will find it.  OR donate it to a library (they might put it in their book sale, though) or day care, school, senior center, etc. 

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