Sunday, October 20, 2013

Disappointment - and relief

The Hub and I were supposed to be winging towards Venice, Italy, right about now.  Off on an adventure that included St. Peter's Basilica and Mt. Etna and the walled city of Kotor in Montenegro.

We have one aged parent left between us and she is dear to both of us.  So when she ended up in the ICU last Sunday night we had to consider what we could do.  Our adventure seemed too far away and took too long to leave her.  So, we postponed it.  Sigh.

Mom is home and the only wear she seems to have borne is the wear of spending six days in the hospital.  No one knows why her body did what it did.  Further tests will wait until she heals a bit more.  She is fine.  She's at a play right now.

So disappointment is followed by huge relief.  And the need to scurry around preparing for three weeks of travel - and a Craft Fair - has disappeared.

I wish I could say I have been reading and taking copious notes for reviews.  NO.  I have not.  I have been trying to make sure everything was ready for the Quaker Craft Fair this coming Saturday.  (Stop by.  Even I don't know what is going to be there.)

So this blog post is really all about letting you know I am still here.  And soon, I hope to get back to the business of books.

BTW- Fright Night was a lot of fun.  Next Wednesday, Oct. 30th, stop by Godfrey Daniels for more spooky fun.

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