Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Books update

Mister Max : The book of lost things by Cynthia Voigt was excellent.  I loaned it to my mother:

Mother:  I am just calling to tell you that I can't put this book down.

Me: Good.  What do you think of the librarian grandmother?

Mother:  I can't talk right now.  I have to finish the book.  But thank you for lending it to me.

I am now reading Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater.  It is hard for me.  But I am a grandmother who is not all that into cars, explosions and hit men.  Also, a little fantasy-weary right now.

 HOWSOMEVER!!!  if you are into hot cars, kissing dilemmas, explosions, and creepy-not-entirely-unsympathetic-hit-men types, also tortured young men and sassy know-it-all teen girls, AND a huge magical mystery, you will gobble this book up.  Even I, jaded as I am, can see that.

Enough about me.  What are you reading?


  1. Hi Bookkm!

    Right now I'm reading "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor Frankl. Have you read it?

    I must start a book list, don't you think? First on the list: Mister Max. Thanks for the suggestion you. :)

    1. Hi, Michele,
      I read "Man's Search for Meaning" awhile back. (I will not divulge how far back but it was pretty far.) I remember little about it, except that I felt it was a worthwhile read.
      The Boy might enjoy Mr. Max; you could read it to him! It has enough adventure for anyone. Thanks for the ffedback.