Friday, August 23, 2013

Lost Things

On Wednesday, I headed off to a meeting with the Summer Staff from PCL, my former hangout.  One of these staff people is my successor; two are teen volunteers I have known and loved - and trained - for years; one is my trusty sidekick who is now my successor's trusty sidekick - and the only person there who wasn't at least 30 years younger than I am!!!!  Guess which one got sick and couldn't show up.  I miss you, Trusty Sidekick.

There is a certain joy only attained when you spend time with people who ALSO read books, lots and lots and LOTS of books, and who ALSO enjoy talking about books.  It's like a reunion of the tribe.  The BooksRockians together again.  So awesome! (Even if they ARE all 30 + years younger than I am.)

But to make this outing even more awesome, I found an ARC of Cynthia Voigt's Mister Max : The Book of Lost Things on the doorstep as I raced out the door.  Ooh baby, and no, kind successor, the book is NOT for you.

I started the book and I can foresee trouble at the start.  Max's parents are actors - trouble right there.  Max's parents have been offered a job working for a Maharajah in far-off India - nonononono!  Don't take that job.  At first, Max is not included in this offer.  Now, that was the most ominous of the conditions of the job - because the book is about Max.  It says so in the title.  So, if Max is not invited, then something is amiss.  So far, that something has not happened.  But it will!!  And it will probably involve things that have been mislaid - such as ...children?  elephants?  bicycles?  Stay tuned.

Or buy the book yourself.  It's in bookstores on September 10th.

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