Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Spaghetti Book Club - KBWT - Good Books for Kids

By accident, I found this very cool website where kids review books written for kids; the Spaghetti Book Club.

You can find reviews by clicking on the Titles link and then on the title of a book.  Reviews are often accompanied by picture drawn by the reviewer.

Check it out for the reviews.  Some of the other links on the homepage are no longer active.  But a website that encourages children to read and to write is always awesome, in my mind.
Thanks to the Rye School District for this graphic.

Good Books for Kids is a well organized site with book lists and links to find books for all ages.   The site is run by 3 educator/librarian/parent types who love books for children and teens.  The site makes money indirectly through Amazon.com.  Some of you in the Save Our Bookstores community - like me - might not like that.  But this site is Very Useful.  Just don't click through to Amazon, if you don't want to.

Another online Summer Reading Club for you... Sylvan runs the Book Adventure site with book lists and contests - and for those results oriented adults - quizzes.  Nothing like some book related quizzes to spark up our summer, right?  Check it out.  Maybe you'll win something.

Today, I got Gordon Korman's upcoming book, The Hypnotist in the mail.  Tell you all about it in a day or two.

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