Sunday, April 21, 2013


StoryFUSION was so much fun.  All you people who did NOT attend, well, too late now.  You will have to wait until next year.

There is a chance...just a chance...that Antonio Sacre will be in the Lehigh/Berks County area next year.  He is clever, amusing, touching, dramatic, and engaging, among other things.  I saw his Children's Show - funny and enthusiastic.   He had 200+ 4th and 5th graders eating out of his hand.  I saw him interact with high school students.  Antonio was so respectful and encouraging of the teens' storytelling efforts.

And then I watched his short presentation on Friday night and his Feature Performance on Saturday and I am a true Antonio-ite, now.  Today, I took a workshop from him that concentrated on how to become a successful working storyteller.  This man WORKS for his money.  He is relentless in pursuing storytelling excellence.  So, see what you missed?  So Like him on Facebook, please.  He deserves it.

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