Sunday, November 11, 2012


Tellabration is the International Day of Storytelling and it is held the Saturday before Thanksgiving!  So next Saturday...- I KNOW!  Thanksgiving is just around the corner!!  How did this happen? -

Anyway, next Saturday, here in the Lehigh Valley there will be THREE - not one, not two but THREE - Tellabration events.

Event one:
The best one in my humble opinion - because, ahem, I will be telling with Tom Egan, - is at the Memorial Library of Nazareth and Vicinity (yep, that's the official name) at 11 am.  Expect family fun, kid and parent friendly stories and maybe even an accordion song or two.

Event two:

Ok.  This event might be the best one.  It's at the Monroe Campus of NCC and it happens at 2:30 pm.  And Larry Sceurman and Tina Fowler will be teeling stories there.  Oh man!  You have to hear those stories.

Event three:

I can't decide.  These tellers are awesome.  Chaz Kiernan and Ingrid Bohn will tell stories at the South Side campus of NCC at 3 pm.
Good old Chaz.  I wonder who he will channel on Saturday.
So, join with millions of other story lovers and come to a Tellabration event.


  1. I'd loved to hear you tell a story (and play the accordion). That would be so much fun!