Tuesday, August 21, 2012

3 for KBWT

It's Tuesday!  And sometimes on Tuesday, I post little reviews of websites that feature children's books, reviews of children's books, or activities to encourage reading of children's books - by kids and their grown-ups.

So look what I found!!  Author/illustrator Hans Wilhelm has made several of his books into pdf files that can be used in classrooms, read online, projected, printed out - whatever!  The only requirement is that the use be non-commercial.  So schools and libraries and parents at home can share these fun titles with their young readers.  The website is called Children's Books Forever.  Check it out.

If you are someone who only wants your young person to read the BEST of children's books, then you will like The Best Children's Books.  It's a book finding service that lists best books by a variety of categories.   These sites are always useful and fun to browse through. 

Me, I think the best book for a child is the one that makes that child want to read.   Sometimes, that's a flimsy grocery store mass-produced book about a TV character.  Sometimes it's a classic.  Kids need both.  Like the creators of The Best Children's Books, above, I lean heavily toward classics. But I can still recite the opening lines of The Huffin Puff Express (words by David L. Harrison and art by Art Seiden) which I bought at the grocery store for next to nothing years ago.  Just saying.

Now for some fun!  Funbrain!  It's a website chock full of games that reinforce reading and math skills for kids.   You will find reviews, comics, books to read online, and games at Funbrain.

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