Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day off - that was yesterday and my clock is all messed up now. All day yesterday, I thought it was Saturday - just because I was off.

I got a new haircut, though. I went to Empire Beauty School for their 360 event. Students there have to solicit and complete a certain number of treatments, styles, haircuts and perms in a three week period. And their customers get those treatments, etc. FREE or at a very low price. Since my sister is a student there, I let her cut my hair and she did a FABULOUS job.

Do you live in the Lehigh Valley? There is one week left of this event. If you call, ask for a 360 student. Don't ask for a free treatment; ask for a 360 student. Do it now because Friday, Feb. 13th, 2009, is the last day.

I just spent two hours with the Winter Reading Club. Today was the Final Party. It's not quite over since there were families who could not attend. The party was fun. The Girl Scouts who planned it played games, read stories and led a craft. Kids and parents seemed to have a great time.

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