Saturday, April 5, 2008

I never told you about the Wild Women Party or the Belly Dancing Workshop with Tahya!

Okay. Wild Women Party! Last Saturday, I joined s few dozen women and we painted our faces and made tiaras and did our nails and listened to me play the accordion and just did Women stuff and then Kathy Pierce told some great stories about women - folk tales and literary tales and some of her own tales. Kristin Pedemonti told about how she found her own wild self after suffocating if for years and then I told the story of my "Last Christmas at Home". My mom and dad were in the audience and my mom plays a part in that story.

Last night, Donna Bennet, one the LVSG members, told me my Mom as laughing her head off during my story - which was the desired effect, I might add. And I said, "My mom thinks her children are funny and talented", which is true. She does.

But I just thought about that and I remembered that a week or so ago, my Mom wondered out loud about where she went wrong as she and I commiserated about one of my siblings unhappinesses.

So explain this...When we do something wonderful, Mom is amazed and thrilled that any of her little darlings has grown to be so talented. That doesn't sound right. What I mean is - she is totally thrilled and she wonders how she could have given birth to such wonderful creatures. We, according to her, developed our talents on our own and through the grace of God. But when one of us muffs up, she wonders where she went wrong? Um, Mom if you helped us mess up, you helped make us wonderful. And if we can be wonderful on our own, we can make our own mistakes free of your influence - despite your influence either.

My Dad on the other hand beams like a proud Papa when we do something - with a look that says, "See what I did? Hmm? Good, right?" And we mess up, he's furious - as if we did it to insult him. Same thing, Dad. Maybe we are wonderful despite your influence and maybe our mistakes are all your fault...

So, I'm looking at this parent/child relationship. Personally, I like my mother's attitude a little better because she gives us credit for our accomplishments. I just don't like that she (or I or any other mother) blames herself for her grown children's foolshnesses. We have enough GUILT, Mom, okay?? We are the ones who make the stupid mistakes. etc., etc. yadayada...

Enough, really. I must admit. I love having my Mom in the audience when I perform. She expects to enjoy herself and I rarely disappoint. It's great to tell to an audience who loves me unconditionally. I am lucky to have such a great Mom.

As for the belly dancing - I love it. It's so much fun and Tahya was a great dancer. I bought her DVD so I can practice what I learned in private. Expect belly dancing stories in the future.

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