Sunday, June 24, 2007

I miss long walks - walking just to walk, walking to get places because I didn't have a car (this was loooong ago), walking to visit a friend. Now I walk "for exercise" and I allot myself 30 minutes max. I have to fit these walks in between ironing, work, cleaning, work, cooking, work and work.

I miss living with a large family. Yeah, they were always there and noisy to boot but, sometimes, we had a lot of fun.

I miss free time. Nuff said.

I miss playing the guitar. I miss having time to practice all my instruments.

I miss the me I was at 12 and at 26, even at 30. I was full of hope and the world lay before me. Now that I've passed half a century, the world stills lies before me but traveling is slower and arthritis slows me down.

Once I was skinny. I miss that, too.

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