Sunday, February 18, 2007

I'm a reading fool. I finished "Size 14 is not fat either" by Meg Cabot and I can't wait for the next Heather Wells novel. I don't know if Meg Cabot's work counts as literature but it is so much fun to read. Probably it doesn't count as literature BECAUSE it's so much fun to read but it should be literature- because, did I say, it's so much fun!!!!
Heather Wells is an ex-teen pop star who is working as the assistant residence director for a residence hall of a New York college (named New York College - very clever, that). Anyway, students keep showing up dead in her dorm, - oh excuse me, residence hall. Her ex - who is still fairly well-known in the pop music scene - keeps calling her. She has a BIG crush on her landlord - who is her ex's big brother and her father just got out of jail. Also, although she is a just-say-no woman, she is on warm terms with the drug dealer on the corner. What??!!
So, imagine her surprise when she gets to work on time, for a change, and is dragged into the kitchen to find that someone has lost her head - literally. Off we go because although Heather promises EVERYONE that she wouldn't even dream of getting involved in the investigation, she gets involved in the investigation.
You have to read these books. I haven't read one single Meg Cabot book that I didn't thoroughly enjoy. Even her teen "regency" romances are funny, clever and fast paced. I've never read her adult romances, written under the name Patricia Cabot, but I don't really read adult romances very often.
I have to run. I think supper is burn... um, needs my attention. Keep reading.

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